To provide South Sudanese children, women, youth and men the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills they need to face daily challenges to develop their country, take advantage of economic and lifelong learning opportunities and help them overcome poverty, fostering economic growth, achieve gender equality and social development.

Healthcare Programme:

To give access to basic health care for majority of South Sudanese living in rural areas  where there is no health care centers like health units, centers and hospitals, therefore reducing the high rate of mortality prevailing in the country as people die from simple treatable diseases  and pregnant women lack attention during labor hence loosing lives.

Food Security and Livelihoods:
Improved food security and livelihoods among communities through crop and horticulture production.


Psychosocial Support:

Reduce trauma and other psychological effects through psychosocial support programme.


To reduce high mortality rate of children dying of hunger and malnourished in war torn and drought affected areas in South Sudan.

Child Protection:

Improve the community system on child tracing and re-unification.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene:

To provide access to basic clean water for majority population of South Sudanese people and animals living in places far away from water points, lake and river Nile.

Protection and Peace Building:

Support peace building and conflict resolution programs within the communities and dialogue between communities.

Conflict transformation and Reconciliation:

Support conflict transformation and reconciliation programmes in the communities. 

Gender Based Violence

Advocate against GBV through awareness creation, capacity building and maximum advocacy


  • Baseline/formative research

  • Providing safe spaces for the returnees.

  • Conduct baseline studies/community diagnosis- to identify real beneficiaries.

  • Providing education programs and materials that favor –ACCESS, TRANSFORMATION PERFORMANCE, RETENTION and TRANSITION-Insisting on Accelerated Education Programs (AEP) for South Sudanese learners.

  • Provide empowerment programme e.g. trainings, micro- finance and social welfare.

  • Offer primary health care and essential drugs

  • Provide informative education, sports and films for the youths.

  • Provide basic health education and information training to the people for development, economic growth and poverty alleviation.

  • Providing clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene  (WASH) in schools and homes

  • Promotion of social activities such as sports, beauty contests, songs / poems among the youths in making peaceful and interactive society.

  • Promote service of tracing and reunification of families.

  • Volunteer services


  • Peace and advocacy

  • Mobilization /sensitization

  • Behavioral change communication (BCC)

  • Home /community based care

  • Youth friendly resource centers

  • Training and capacity building

  • Training educators

  • Installation T/L materials

  • Health care service provision

  • Sports/films

  • Protection program


NILECAPD works in both outside and inside the makeshifts camps that accommodate displaced South Sudanese people within:

  • South Sudan

  • Kenya

  • Uganda

  • Ethiopia

  • Sudan


  • Children, Orphans

  • Returnees

  • IDPs

  • Women, widows

  • Youths

  • Men, widowers

  • Disabled

  • Elderly


NILECAPD does a lot of networking and multi-sectoral collaboration and adopted a collaborative spirit to create new opportunities for partnering with others to build strong, safe, healthy and vital communities and sustainable future together (HARMONY).


On board we have:

  • Individual friends

  • Donors

  • Consultants

  • Expertise – technical staff and management

  • Neighbor countries hosting South Sudanese people

  • Child protection agencies


Nile Care Advocacy for Peace and Development (NILECAPD) is a humanitarian non-governmental organization; dedicated to building peaceful resilient communities to restore peace, hope and sanity to humanity in South Sudan.



Hila Tong Piny, Opposite...Next to Plot Number.., Juba South Sudan.