To advocate,protect the rights of vulnerable people and promote equitable economic growth across South Sudan Community.


Transforming lives through peace initiative, justice and social change to the most vulnerable people in South Sudan.


To build a peaceful, healthy and educated society hence; reduce morbidity and mortality among vulnerable and disadvantaged children, women, youths and men in South Sudan and where they live as refugees e.g. Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya and Uganda.


Peace is our life.


  • Integrity

  • Open-minded

  • Collaboration

  •  Relatable

  • Transformation

  • Resilient


Nile Care Advocacy Peace and Development (NILECAPD) is a humanitarian non-governmental organization founded on the 14th of June 2014.  The organization attained registration in 2018 under the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) of South Sudan. NILECAPD is dedicated to building peaceful resilient communities to restore peace, hope and sanity to humanity in South Sudan. We are committed to seeing positive societal change and community development in collaboration with other seasoned organizations in South Sudan. With the peace initiatives currently being experienced in South Sudan, there is an influx of returnees who are in dire need for basic needs including-shelter, food, water and sanitation, social amenities like schools, health units, trauma healing and counseling services.

NILECAPD works on a wide variety of initiatives such as: peace building in communities, educational programs for literacy and numeracy in emergencies, psycho-social support, livelihood, maternal and child health care, water and sanitation, disease prevention, child protection, counseling, trauma healing and re-integration services, conflict resolution, women and youth empowerment.



Horrific internal conflict in South Sudan in 2013 led to the disintegration of family, community and societal units resulting in many Sudanese fleeing to neighboring countries as refugees and some living as internally displaced people (IDPs). Women in South Sudan are drastically suffering more than ever over the last couple of years. Nile Care Advocacy for Peace and Development (NILECAPD) aims to assist a large proportion of women and children living within the Country.  We have the opportunity to assist one hundred thousand beneficiaries particularly in the region known as the Greater Upper Nile through the following initiatives.

Inner Peace: Reducing Violence Against Women.

People in South Sudan know nothing apart from war. Children were born and grew up in war, and the biggest problem is that they have been fighting themselves; the wars have created deep hatred and tribalism among the communities. Nile Care Advocacy for Peace and Development have started a community-based Inner Peace Campaign to promote peace within individuals. We organize group meditation sessions.  The main target for this initiative are the highly vulnerable people experiencing Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) and those who are War Survivors . Women of South Sudan have experienced a high number of rape and sexual assault cases.

Women Sanitary/Pads

War and economic collapse have negatively impacted the women of our country. One such issue is the widespread lack of feminine hygiene/sanitary products (pads). This issue has impacted the women from the rural areas in South Sudan as well as women  within our cities NILECAPD has taken the responsibilities to assist in this matter.

Long-Term Impact

NILECAPD have been conducting thousands of conflicts mediation workshops, awareness, counseling and trauma healing activities among South Sudanese communities and the outcome is quite effective and positive. Individual trauma healing and reconciliation from deadly conflicts has been shown to be both necessary and possible. NILECAPD is dedicated and continues to work with local communities in South Sudan. The program has been impact with families in conflict, and the teachers to work with their students as people with various problems, chronic diseases such as HIV+, TB and Hepatitis and vulnerable women.


Nile Care Advocacy for Peace and Development (NILECAPD) is a humanitarian non-governmental organization; dedicated to building peaceful resilient communities to restore peace, hope and sanity to humanity in South Sudan.



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